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Raw vs Jpeg

Raw and jpeg are two different image file types. Raw images take up more space on your memory card. Raw images allow more colors and gives you more dynamic range. These files require a special type of software to be opened so not everyone will be able to view the photos. Jpeg images are easily viewable by mostly any software. This makes it easier to view and share images. They also take up less space than raw images. With jpeg images you are more limited in possible colors. 

Both are ways to make images. They are files used to view images and edit them. They both take up space in your computer. Raw and Jpeg images have different advantages and disadvantages, but both are widely used in the photography department. 

Mirror imageee

shallow depth of field


Canon EOS Rebel T6 F5.6 1/100 s 91.00mm ISO 3200
Canon EOS Rebel T8i F5.0 1/125 s 18.00mm ISO 100 White balance Auto No flash
Canon EOS Rebel T8i F5.6 1/250 s 135.00mm ISO 100

About me

Hii my name is Diego Pablo, im like 16 i think. hm ig ill talk about music….my favorite genre would be rock. mainly alternative rock, cuz that’s the one i listen too the most. but i can honestly jam to other stuff really depends on my mood i guess. oh also i can play the guitar im not like a big pro i think im pretty alright at it which is cool because its big fun. im also a dog person, I groove with cats but like dogs are wayyyyy better (imo) B)